Woman of Impact and Teen of Impact

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Relentless passion.

The drive to make a difference. Woman of Impact and Teen of Impact are inclusive initiatives to drive awareness and raise funds for women’s heart health in local communities.

Each year a select group of individuals across the country will be nominated to be a part of this exciting experience.

Nominees will bring together champions from within their networks to form an impact team, set a goal, explore fundraising opportunities and have a direct impact on women’s health and the Go Red for Women mission. Together, they are a relentless force, using their voices to advocate for women’s heart health and raise awareness that cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of women. Why? Because losing even one woman is too many.

This special group will be celebrated for the impact they have on our mission and our communities. The nominee whose network makes the largest impact in each market will be named the local Woman of Impact Award Winner or Teen of Impact Award Winner.

Learn more about this opportunity to make a lasting impact. Click “In Your Community” in website navigation to find your local AHA office.

2022 Top Nominees

Centennial Club
Top nominees from both Woman of Impact and Teen of Impact, earning more than 100,000 cumulative points.

Sheena Fannin 2022 Centennial Club

Sheena Fannin – Dallas, Texas

Sherry Neubert 2022 Centennial Club

Sherry Neubert – Akron, Ohio

Brandy Parker 2022 Centennial Club

Brandy Parker – Houston, Texas

Jeana Rettig 2022 Centennial Club

Jeana Rettig – Los Angeles, California

2022 Changemaker Club

Nominees from both Woman of Impact and Teen of Impact, earning more than 50,000 cumulative points.

Woman of Impact

  • Laura Hamilton – Los Angeles, California
  • Michelle Hudgens – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Danielle Ivory – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Vanecia Kerr – Denver, Colorado
  • Laurie Labishak – Ohio Valley, West Virginia
  • Jamelia Lehn – Dallas, Texas
  • Brijal Patel – San Antonio, Texas
  • Thanh Pham – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Kerry Reckard – Youngstown/Mercer, Ohio
  • Carey Sanders – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Cheryl Stokes – Raleigh, North Carolina
Teen of Impact
  • Ferzine Sanjana – San Antonio, Texas

2021 Top Nominees

Learn what inspired these women to make a lasting impact.