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Circle of Red is a society of passionate individuals who are in the fight against heart disease and stroke in women to win.

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In communities throughout the United States, Circle of Red members use their influence, generosity and passion to help increase awareness of cardiovascular disease – the leading cause of death in women – and to inspire women to take charge of their health.

Circle of Red members are leaders in their communities and families. For many members, the fight against heart disease is personal.

As some of our greatest champions of the Go Red for Women movement, our Circle of Red members not only help save lives, but they are the heart of our mission.

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Why Join Circle of Red?

As a member of Circle of Red, you are a champion for women’s health. Circle of Red members enjoy:

  • Special social events and VIP experiences both locally and nationally, with a national holiday experience in December
  • Exclusive mission updates
  • Recognition as a Circle of Red member
  • Membership in a meaningful community of women

Join us and become a part of an exceptional group of women. 

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Featured Circle of Red Members

Be a part of something big.

Janine Arruda, MD, FACC, FAAP

Circle of Red Member Janine Arruda

Cleveland, OH

Director, Non-Invasive Imaging, University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

It has been a privilege to be a Circle or Red member over the past three years. In that capacity, in addition to being a Go Red for Women past chair and a Cleveland Metro Board Member, I have seen first-hand the results of the incredible efforts made by members and staff that have enabled transformational research towards women’s health. As a pediatric cardiologist, I see the early impact of obesity in children and adolescent’s health and we know that some of the childhood cardiovascular risk factors track into adulthood. I am proud of being part of the AHA’s mission to continue to increase awareness of the importance of cardiovascular health in women and children and to make impactful changes in our communities.

Ellen Barker

Circle of Red Member Ellen Barker

Dallas, TX

Retired, Texas Instruments

For over eight years now I’ve had the pleasure of supporting the mission of Go Red for Women as a Circle of Red member and Leading Lady! During my time, I’ve built relationships with women inside my former company who also supported the cause and met women across the Dallas Fort Worth area who were all passionate about the same thing- bringing equality to women in heart health awareness and treatment. The strength of the women I’ve met on this journey who’ve shared their heart stories is inspirational, and I’m proud to know that my impact helps save others every day.

Anita Del Grande

Circle of Red Member Anita Del Grande

Silicon Valley, CA

It has been a joy for me to be the co-founder of the Silicon Valley Circle of Red since the fall of 2009. When the AHA asked me to start a Circle of Red group in my community of Silicon Valley, I felt and dreamed it could become one of the largest and most successful Circle of Red groups. I am so proud that our Silicon Valley Circle of Red has become among the largest and most philanthropic in the nation. My co-chair, Marie LoPresto and I are so truly grateful for the 75 dedicated and generous women who have made our #1 status possible. We continue to reach out to women to become members of the Silicon Valley Circle of Red and support research, education, and awareness in our community. With Co-Chair, Marie LoPresto, leading the Silicon Valley Circle of Red is a truly gratifying experience.

Rees Mason

Circle of Red Member Rees Mason

Jacksonville, FL (First Coast)

Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch

Austin and Ryan are my Why. Austin was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy at 5 weeks old after a healthy pregnancy and birth. Watching my son on a ventilator for 4 months and receive a heart transplant at 5 months old woke me up to the world of heart disease in a very traumatic way. Most recently, my younger brother went into heart failure after having COVID in July 2021. He is likely facing a heart transplant like my son. I’ve dedicated my volunteer efforts for the last six years to raising money for the AHA to continue the critical research to help people like my son and my brother as well as our greater community.

Valerie Villafaña Sikora

Circle of Red Member Valerie Villafana Sikora

Greater Maryland

Assistant Dean, Administration and Finance, University of Maryland School of Dentistry

As a 2022 Greater Maryland Go Red for Women Executive Leadership Team member, I’ve chosen to join because I am so passionate about raising greater awareness about heart health. When I was a teenager, I had lost one uncle to a heart attack, my mom and many of my aunts had high blood pressure. Clearly heart disease was real and a family issue.

I knew we had to do something different, like eating healthy and being physically active. But how do you change Puerto Rican rich food to a heart healthy variety? We love our rice and beans, pork and fried plantains. If you have had these, you’d know how hard these foods are to give up. They taste so good!

We changed our meals to include more heart healthy choices. Then did things as simple as converting our rice dishes to using brown rice instead of white. So, for me having the awareness and the knowledge to still love the food you’ve grown up with but making healthier choices has led to a healthier lifestyle. With the American Heart Association closing the gap on awareness, Go Red has easily become a movement I am proud to be a part. Also, working with other women dedicated to removing the barriers women face to achieving good health and wellbeing couldn’t be more fulfilling!

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